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For over 40 years PianoPiano has been providing our famous Certified Played In pianos (we call them “CPI”s) to world famous music venues and families all over New York. These pianos are fantastic musical instruments in great condition.

When these pianos come back to us, PianoPiano’s expert technicians and refinishers go over them carefully to return them to “like new” condition.  These pianos have developed their own unique sound and touch precisely because they’ve been played before. In fact, professional musicians, music studios and conservatories often prefer CPI pianos because they’re already “broken in.”

Our movers will expertly deliver your CPI piano and our technicians will come to your home after delivery to make sure its in perfect playing condition.

When you rent a Certified Played In™ piano, you get a beautiful piano at an amazingly low price without the worry or hassle of purchasing a used piano from an unknown source.  On top of that, your first 12 months of rental fees can be used to purchase your CPI piano or any other piano we have!

Not sure which piano is right for you? We’re always here to help, so give us a call any time at 212-586-9057 or email info@test.pianopiano.com if you have any questions or need assistance.

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